Monday, March 28, 2011

Silicone Boobie Calves...Hawt

As far as running days go, this was to be a great one. The sun was shining, it was 50* with a slight wind, and I felt good. Then I hopped out of bed. My calves were sore in all the wrong places. I forgot to stretch them after my run yesterday and they revolted against me.

So I used The Stick (check out "Gear I Use" for the link and more info) and tried to massage out the lactic acid. It refused to budge. I gave up and went on my merry way, hoping my gastrocnemius muscles (heck yeah big scary anatomy lingo!) and Achilles tendon, as well as my soleus muscles, would calm the heck down and relax during my run. They did no such thing.

When one has to stop after 8 minutes of running to massage one's legs, it is annoying and disheartening. I wanted to turn back but I kept going and had to stop at least 4 more times to massage and stretch. I wish I could say I was going on a 10 miler because the amount of stopping wouldn't be too terrible. Alas, it was only a 3.4 miler :( Sad day indeed.
See those bruises? I made them trying to massage my legs :(

My calves felt like they had been transplanted with rock hard silicone boobies. They didn't move, were hard to the touch, and hurt. Yay fake boobie legs!
Go away silicone legs!

And so begins an all-day event of massaging my legs with The Stick. That lactic acid better leave or else!
Hurts so good!
I also had fun after my run, playing around with my camera, trying to get awesome Ninja Girl pictures. I am amazed I have friends...
Yeah...I'm a special one!
Anyone have any tips for making my legs stop hurting? Or how to prevent my normal insane lactic acid buildup?


  1. Jen, you are awesome. The end.

  2. First of all, LOL at your pics! OF COURSE you have friends and *this* is why :D

    Second of all, I'm sorry to hear about your running woes :(

    For my calves I use the foam roller, lots of stretching, and ibuprofen. I notice I have giant muscle knots so I try to shiatsu massage myself. You can try that, or if you're comfortable with someone touching you they can dig their elbow into your calves.

    I would also go with tons o' cross training because it could just be a muscle imbalance! If you can then make an appointment with your physical therapist? I went to my first pt last week and my doc helped a lot in terms of tweaking how I exercise.

    Also, let's do yoga soon! Lol I've been do yoga on my Wii Fit but I have yet to go to a class.

    Hope this helps! Love ya!