Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi there! I'm Jennifer. Welcome to my blog!

I'm obsessed with my daily reading of other runners' blogs and thought I should start my own. Maybe I'll inspire some people to become crazy like me and run for miles at a time or at least just get off the couch or maybe I'll just provide some good solid entertainment. Whatever the case may be, I hope to provide an enjoyable reading experience.

I think this will be a good mix of running, workouts, food/recipes, and whatever else I decide you should all read about. It's also probably going to have some animal info/pics mixed in because I love animals and think they are the bee's knees. And you should too :)
So I guess to start, I ran 4.2 easy-ish miles this morning in 35 mins and some change (I'm not very fast). The goal was to meet up at my local Fleet Feet for their weekly Sunday run at 8 AM. It would have been my first time but I got chicken because I wasn't sure if my friends were going to meet me there. I don't like socializing in a crowd of people I don't know. I get scurred. So I stayed home and got some miles in on the bike path that's right across the street from my house.

Let me tell you, when there are signs that say "Keep dog on leash at all times" that means keep your freaking dog on a leash at all times! Nearly got clotheslined a few times and had one dog charge me. I love me some doggies, but not when my safety is at risk. No siree!

After the run, I had delicious French toast and a raspberry/blackberry smoothie.
I used frozen raspberries and blackberries, orange juice, and Instant Breakfast vanilla powder. Blend it all up and enjoy! The only thing wrong with it is the seeds from the berries. I hate them! They get stuck in my teeth and they are annoying to chew. Yeah, I know I'm weird. Having this was my attempt to get over my fear of berry seeds. It didn't work, but it sure tasted good!

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