Thursday, March 31, 2011

Try, Try Again

Apparently I had some preeeetty wrong info in regards to being sore and lactic acid. According to this article and many others, it is not lactic acid that causes muscle soreness. Our bodies use lactic acid during exercise as an energy source and once we're done exercising, the lactic acid is burned up and out of our systems. So I was wrong but now we all stand corrected :)

Today was a great day exercise-wise. Was able to go to the gym, run 3.1, and never once was sore. It had to have been the "hill" run I did on Sunday, which consisted of 6 "hills" or overpasses. I hadn't done that route in months and my legs went through some shock.

I also managed to get some good solid leg exercises in at the gym. I love having all that equipment and freaking people out when I do these step-ups onto a tall stool with weights in hand. Everyone thinks I'm going to jump on top of them...they wish!
Me, if I was blonder and wearing less me!
I'm keeping this post brief, as I am very tired and really want to watch another Grey's Anatomy episode. I've been watching the episodes on Netflix and now everyone's relationships really make sense! I had started watching back in season 5 and would randomly see episodes here and there and nothing was cohesive in my head. Now I get it!

Before I go, I'll leave you with this wonderful piece of wisdom :)

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