Friday, April 15, 2011

2 Day Ketchup...err...Catch-up!

Hey bloggy buddies! Sorry I haven't been around the last 2 days. Life got hectic. But I'm back with adventures and stories.

Ok, let's start off with workouts. On Wednesday, I wanted to give my legs a break from running because they held me well for the 5 miler and besides weight lifting, I haven't been crosstraining at all. I did this free range Precor machine that's sort of like an elliptical but not. It's hard to describe. Anyway, I did that and a bunch of leg exercises. They gym was super busy and it was easier to get to the leg machines than fight with the brahs over the use of the arm machines.

Yesterday, I did a weird spontaneous speed workout at the gym on the mill. Most of the time, the incline was set at .5%, but I started off at 1%. At 1 mile in, I picked the pace up from 8:57 min mile to 8:24 or something close to that. I held that to 1.5 miles, then dropped down to 8:57 again until the 2 mile mark. Then I picked up to 8:30 pace until the 2.5 mile mark. It was an odd workout, I'll tell you. I had no plan, as is very apparent. Oh well, my legs still feel good today. I also did arm exercises afterward.

Have I told you guys that I'm the ONLY girl at my gym who does the bench press?! Can you believe that?! Very few of the women even do any arm workouts, much less the "manly" bench press. I can say with confidence that my girls are looking mighty prettier since having done the bench press. C'mon girls, work those pecs!

Ok, food time! I came up with this awesome "recipe" on Wednesday and wanted to share. I put recipe in quotes because when I cook, I throw things together and 99% of the time, I think they taste awesome!

So I started with quinoa:
I made the whole box, like a fool, thinking it wouldn't make that much. Now I have 2 very full Tupperwares of the stuff and have to eat it everyday so it doesn't go bad! Good thing I love quinoa!
This is one of my biggest pots and it was FULL!
Then, I chopped up a bunch of different veggies: celery, carrots, mushrooms, crushed garlic, and green onions. I also added in some chopped almonds. I sauteed them together with Annie's Natural Roasted Garlic EVOO. If you don't have that stuff, I highly recommend getting it. It tastes so good!
Once they were done, I put the quinoa in a bowl and piled the veggies on top. I mixed in a little salt and dried basil to add some flavor.
It was very tasty and easy to make, plus you get a lot of nutrients out of this meal, which is always my goal.

Last night, my uncle came into town to visit and I went over to my grandma's for a family dinner. My grandma looooves celebrating any holiday she can. I think she would celebrate Labor Day if she could. She makes cupcakes and buys you pretty useless presents, but it brings her so much joy that we can't really tell her to stop. Even if we did, she would still do it, so there's no use! She made up Easter presents for my mom and me.
How stinking cute is this?!
Bunny bag filled with chocolate eggs, egg bath gel, and hand towels for when I get my apartment.
Grandmas are the best! My cousin, Ruby, is coming in tonight from college to spend her Spring Break with us! I'm so excited!
Puppy is happy too!


  1. The gifts from your grandma are so cute! I have a feeling I'm going to be like that in 30/40 years or so. I love gimmicky holiday stuff.
    Glad you like quinoa, you'll be eating it for a while!!!!

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