Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunburn Sunday!

Today was quite a busy day of doggies and sun, and eventually the gym. My vet tech program had its annual pet adoption day this afternoon. We managed to adopt out all but 3 dogs and 3 cats. For how little planning this event had (we were only informed a week ago that nothing had been set frustrating!), I am very impressed we had such a good response from people!
Buster and Violet
I stupidly forgot my sunscreen at home and realized I would need it when I was halfway to school. Thinking I would happily stay under the tents, I didn't go buy any. Turned out it was chilly under the tents, so in order to stay warm, I stood in the sun. A lot. My face is now a lovely shade of crimson, as are my arms and neck. Since I was wearing my scrubs, the neck burn is a super sexy V. Hawt.

After playing with puppies and talking to the public all day, I hit the gym. The treadmill got some extra lovin' today, as I ran longer than I usually do, for 3.5 miles in 30:19. If that had been outdoors, I swear the time would've been about 27 or 28 minutes. This is why the treadmill and I are not good friends. I finished up the workout with legs, working the adductors, abductors, quad raises, leg presses, and lunges.
Normally I get red from my runs, but add that to my super sunburn, and you get TOMATO FACE!

I don't know about you all, but my gym has some amazing people to practice your people-watching skills on. Today was extremely entertaining when some brah was doing upright dumbbell chest presses...and he had a buddy spotting him by holding his arms. Not to mention that brah was yelling in anguish over the amount of weight he was pressing. Dude, if you can't do dumbbell chest presses with that weight, there is no shame in picking a lower weight. You looked and sounded ridiculous and stupid, especially with your buddy holding your arms. That's not spotting, that's assistance, dumbass.

Enough of my gym ranting, let's look at food! For dinner tonight, I made chicken tenders with a brushing of olive oil and seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning, steamed zucchini, and a baked red potato. Delish!
A meal is not complete without a Blue Moon...or two :)
For dessert, I made a chocolate angel food cake. I used to buy these all the time at Kroger when I lived in Kentucky and came to expect them on the regular, but since I moved home, I think I've had only one angel food cake and it didn't have chocolate in it. Sad panda. So it was time to make one.
Take one angel food cake mix plus 1/2 cup of Hershey's Cocoa powder (for baking, not hot chocolate) and put in a bowl with however much water your box tells you to. Secret: I didn't have enough cocoa, so it probably ended up being 1/4-1/3 of a cup I was able to add.
Whip it, whip it good. Peaks are necessary for the fluffiest of angel food cakes.

Put in the oven. Waste time licking the beaters and bowl. Enjoy your sugar rush.
When done, take out of oven and cool. I have a spaceship-looking angel food cake tin. It's pretty badass. Sadly, no aliens have visited me whilst making fluffy cakey goodness.
Gaze lovingly at your beautiful masterpiece and prepare to devour.
Smile into your camera with no makeup on and have no shame for posting said au natural face on a public blog for all the world to see. P.S. Can you see my nasty sunburn around my neck?!
Cut yourself a big hunkin' piece of your chocolatey angel food cake and gobble that sucker up! Those spots of chocolate are my mixer's fault, not mine. It's from the 60s and it's too tired to mix everything well.

How was your weekend? What delicious/healthy/totally fat laden but oh so good food did you make?