Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Best Holiday of the Year!

Yesterday, I had a field trip to the UC Davis campus for one of my classes. I planned on going to the gym afterward, but forgot my sports bra in my gym bag. Sad panda! I ran around my neighborhood instead and did 3.4 miles in 28:15. The legs felt strong and good :) After the run, I made a pretty random meal of steamed broccoli, 2 hard boiled eggs, and a blueberry/raspberry bran muffin from Trader Joe's.
Yes, that's most definitely a Cookie Monster bowl from when I was 3.
I had to go with my grandma and mom to the airport to pick up my cousin since she's visiting for her spring break. Her flight was supposed to come in at 10:30 PM, but as most airlines go, it was late. I amused myself with taking pictures to pass the time.
SUPER fluffy and blurry Chow that pulled this lady's wheelchair. Talk about slave labor!
Me and my grandma
Ruby finally got off the plane and we managed to get home by 12 AM. I was a tired pup!

Ok, so onto to the BEST holiday of the year! UC Davis has an annual tradition of hosting Picnic Day, which is an open house for the public to come visit all of the departments, learn, interact, and have fun. It is also a big tradition for the students to drink copiously, which has caused a lot of problems in the past, but they cracked down a lot this year since last year was so bad that they threatened to shut down Picnic Day indefinitely! This year, I met up with some friends and we meandered around campus, enjoying the 80* sunny weather and good company.
Kristen, her friend, me, and Misty with our new tomato and pepper plants
Buzzy bees!
Yummy honey jelly beans from the Entomology department
Action Jackson, the jack at the horse barn
Me and Misty on a random couch tier. Gotta love my school!
We shucked our own corn cobs and got popcorn!
My tomato and pepper plants somehow survived the day unscathed!
Super dirty feet from walking around in flip flops all day. Not my best idea ever.
Now, it's time to sleep after a long day walking around in the sun.


  1. Looks like a fun day!
    Honey Jelly beans sound so good, I've never seen that before!!

  2. Your cookie monster bowl is freaking awesome.

  3. That meal looks yummy and so healthy!

  4. I have the same bowl- national home products artisan ware! awesome.