Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday

Monday: Ran 3.1 miles in 27:23. Followed by this WORKOUT. Had to drop the reps for the core board pushups and planks to 8, rather than 10, or I would've died.

Because I know you all just want the music video, I'm going to force you to read this post before you get to the video. Or you'll just scroll to the end. Whatevs. Read this!

Yesterday, I made these cookies for today's hangout sesh with Erin. The recipe is so easy and the cookies came out very well!
Batter of yumminess!
The chocolate chips stayed gooey for hours! It was crazy awesome!
Get in my belly!
 My grandparents came over for a small Easter dinner. The madre y yo made lemon pepper mahi mahi, steamed asparagus, and wild rice pilaf. Delish!
Among other news, I briefly mentioned that I'm trying this whole online dating thing. We can discuss the why part of this later, since I have to go hang with Erin now, but suffice it to say, I am a baller. I have a coffee date set up for Thursday. I'm pretty freaking excited!

Ok, now you lovelys get your music video. Enjoy this awesomesauce song! I can't stop singing it!


  1. those cookies look delicious!! and i am obsessed with asparagus lately :) also...i keep meaning to comment that I think it is awesome you lived in KY for a while. I am originally from Louisville and all my family still lives there :)

  2. Easter dinner looks like my perfect meal!
    And great song!

  3. That fish looks so good! Nice job on your workout too!!

  4. Thank you for the fantastic cookies and the fantastic company!

    Cookie pants!

  5. Your food looks delish! Those cookies look so moist and yummy!
    And what a great run too!