Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Off

I pounded out another 3.1 miler yesterday in 28 and change. After working out 6 days last week and not getting enough sleep, my legs were like "Woah!" And I was like "Woah!" And we were like...ok, I'll stop, you get the picture.

I've been making some pretty sweet food lately. Yesterday was pretty stellar in the health department. I impressed myself. Like woah.
2 Hardboiled eggs and a mixture of brown rice, stir-fry sauce, edemame, green beans, and peas. And milk in the classiest of all classy cups.
Then it was time for a smoothie. Oj, vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast (who needs pricey protein powder?!), banana, strawberries, and blueberries.

Mix it all up and you have this beauty! So tasty and smooth!

And den...and den...and den I made tea:
Purple and orange. Totes the new black.
I felt preeeetty dang healthy, not gonna lie. My body was super happy with me. I did eat a bunch of Pamela's Products Extreme Chocolate Simplebites, though. If you haven't had them yet, go run to the store right now and buy yourself a bag. They are so yummy and chocolatey! Best part of all, they're wheat and gluten free. Even though I don't have issues with wheat or gluten, cutting a smidge out of my diet can't hurt. Plus the cookies are just healthier for you overall, in terms of their nutritional content.
Chocolate heaven!
Today there will be no running or exercise of any kind. I have a huge lab practical tomorrow that I should be studying for. My running shoes are calling out to me, but alas, I can give them no attention! So sad! :(
"Mommy, come play with us! We want to step on twigs, get dirt on us, and see the sunshine!" yeah...I pretty much just made myself sound like a weirdo, so I will leave you all to your judgement now. Aaaaaand begin!

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  1. Love the milk in the Dave and Buster's cup!
    After working out for 6 days you definitely earned a break :)