Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heavenly Smoothie, DOMS, and Celiac

Ok guys, I just made one of the best tasting smoothies ever!
Heavenly goodness!
I used my usual base of orange juice and vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast powder. I think there was about 1.5 cups of OJ. Then I added in about 5 frozen whole strawberries, 7-8 slices of frozen peaches, and 1 whole banana. Blend it up and drink! It was soooo good, you guys! I love peaches because it means summer is on it's way (ignore the fact I used frozen peaches, not ripe ones)!

I haven't done any running or working out yet today. My legs are very sore from the diagonal lunges I did yesterday and I haven't gotten around to stretching them out yet. I'm also on the slow boat of waking up this morning (afternoon?!). I got up at 9 and I'm still sluggish! I think I just haven't gotten enough sleep this whole spring break and it's wearing me out. So much for a vacay since school starts back up tomorrow! I'm going to try to run later today when I gather some more energy. I'm one of those people who does better in the middle to end of the day, rather than the morning.

Mama Running Ninja Girl is conducting an experiment on herself to see if she's allergic to gluten. So far, we're fairly certain she is. Ever since she had her appendix removed back in 2007, her stomach and intestines just haven't been the same. Her tummy is always upset, and while there are other things she's allergic to like tomatoes and chocolate (I would DIE!) and avoids, she still has GI issues. When Cousin visited, Mama RNG decided to try going gluten-free and she's been feeling soo much better! She did have one cupcake 2 days into her gluten fast and her stomach got sick almost immediately!

Now, we're going to start getting rid of the gluten-laden products in our house. While I'm not allergic to gluten, I see nothing wrong in eating less of it and supporting my mom. Plus, since I know more about what products are gluten-free or the alternatives she has, I get to help her adjust to her new diet. It will definitely be an adventure because she's not thrilled this is happening and sometimes forgets what her trigger foods are (she'll knowingly eat some of my chocolate chip cookies and then gets upset when her tummy feels bad later!). I'll keep you guys posted and I'll try to post some of the recipes we try. If anyone has any tips for Mama RNG and being gluten-free, please comment below! We'd love to hear from you!


  1. LOL "Mama Running Ninja Girl" That sucks to hear about the gluten allergy :( I'm sure you'll find some yummy gluten free recipes for her!

  2. I hope y'all figure out what is going on with your Mamma! My cousin has some allergies and has had stomach issues forever-she went GF and now everything is fine!

  3. I am not familiar with GF diet but I hope you all find some good recipes that keep your mom feeling well! Please share any yummy recipes you find...I would love to try them :)

  4. Hope you can figure out how to help your mom feel better!
    There is an amazing blog called Cotter Crunch who eats Gluten Free, and she knows tons about nutrition. She also has some delicious recipes!
    Maybe she has some good substitutes for you?