Monday, May 2, 2011

I Chicked a Guy and I Liked It!

Sunday: Ran 3.4 miles in 28:05. Felt pretty good and no left calf tightness!
Monday: Ran 3.4 miles in 28:37. Legs had a lot of energy but my body didn't. Did 24 pushups, 45 tricep extensions, 72 rows, and 40 shoulder presses, all from the luxury of my home.

On Monday, while on my run, I noticed another runner ahead of me going in the same direction I was. He was about a block (suburban blocks are loooooong) away from me and I could tell that I could eventually pass him even though he was running at almost my same clip. After about 8-10 mins of catching up, I chicked him! Muahaha runner dude! Totally made my day...and then...a pack of 3 girls turned onto the same street I was on and I chicked them too! I kicked so much ass and felt like such a rockstar! I wish I had pics for you guys of this but I don't carry my camera or phone with me on my runs.
Today, my run was pretty ok. My legs felt springy and had a bunch of energy. The rest of me did not. It really didn't help that I was chafing like woah. The crotch seam on my compression shorts has never been a problem in all the long, sweaty runs I did last summer. I've never had a problem at all. But yesterday, I noticed a little bit of chafing and today it turned into a monster! The chafing is right where my thighs meet my crotch. I can't figure out why this happened but I don't like it! Tomorrow is supposed to be my long run, so I'll be BodyGliding to the max. I promise I won't share any after rubbing the BodyGlide all up in my nether regions. You're welcome.

After the run, I worked out my arms, as I listed above. I have the SPRI Resistance Bands in green and red, which have the least resistance you can get. I used the green for the shoulder presses:
And I used the red for the rows and tricep extensions. It wasn't enough for the rows, but it was better than nothing!
Looking all sorts of hot and fat in the starting position of the row
The end of the row
The pushups kicked my butt, as usual, but I was able to do 24, which is better than most people so hooray for me! I don't want to do the pushup challenge that everyone and their mama is doing, but I'm going to push myself to do more!

Sunday night (yes friends, we are traveling back in time!), Mama RNG and I went out to dinner. This is a BIG deal. We never go out to eat! I wanted to check out a Vietnamese restaurant right down the road because I have been craving pho for a very very long time. So off to Pho Bac Hoa Viet we went.
Mama RNG ordered the BBQ chicken, rice, pho soup, and pink sauce
I ordered the chicken pho...heaven!
Yesterday marked Barefoot Neil Z's Virtual Marathon. He said that we could run it cumulatively, which is awesome because there is no way I could run a real marathon right now. I tallied my runs up from April 17th (starting day) until May 1st and I got 30.9 miles! I ran more than a marathon...over 2 weeks hahaha! Oh well, it was fun! I never printed out the bib (Doh!) so I don't have any groovy pics of that, but I participated and enjoyed it! Thanks Barefoot Neil!


  1. Way to chick a guy (and some girls)!
    I use resistance bands A LOT for strength training!

  2. I am not familiar with this term-- chicked?!


    OHHHHHHH lol nice!

    I love Pho Bac! Good prices, yummy food, and a great selection for a group who can't agree on where to go

  3. LOVE that you chicked that guy! that is awesome. and that food looks delicious!

  4. Wooo! Way to show that guy what's up. :) Your workout looks pretty hardcore! Push ups are the devil. I hate them.

  5. Just found your blog and I am now a follower! :)
    It is so awesome that you chicked a guy!