Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday

Are you surprised I remembered that today is a Monday and that I'm actually posting a video when I'm supposed to?! I most certainly am shocked! I hope you all are having great Mondays! Mine got interesting really quickly when I was on the freeway this morning. A huge rock flew into my windshield and now I have a 3" and growing crack :( It's getting replaced tomorrow and thank God for insurance because I'd have to pay almost $400 if I didn't have it! There's a reason why having auto insurance is a law!

I love this song by Keri Hilson. It's so empowering. I think we all need a confidence boost, especially when it comes to looks. On any given day, you can ask me if I think I'm pretty and I'll say yes, which always surprises people. But I see nothing wrong with loving myself and thinking I'm the coolest thing since slicest bread. If I don't support and encourage myself, who will? I have to believe I'm worth it in order for others to believe it too. This doesn't mean I'm cocky or arrogant one bit. I just know my strengths and weaknesses and I love myself as much as possible. Yes, I can be an even better person, as we all can, but we also have to accept ourselves for who we are and love ourselves regardless. Even though I may have acne (thank you prescription topical gel!), have a bigger nose than I want, frizzy hair that gets worse in humidity, and I don't have long, lean legs, this doesn't make me less of a person than Giselle Bundchen. She has her flaws too. We're all beautiful in our own amazing ways and we need to learn to recognize how incredible we all are.

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  1. Thank you for this! I wish more girls felt better about themselves.