Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture

The Rapture is apparently upon us. Save yourselves!
There will be lightning. Wear your wooden suit of protection.
I find these doomsday things kind of ridiculous. Already on the other side of the world it is May 21st and no one has experienced any sort of catastrophic chaos yet. I think we're good to go, my friends. This does not mean I will not participate in the whole end of the world festivities that will occur. I am most definitely either going to throw an end of the world party or go to one. Or I'll just party with these guys:
They know what's up.
I didn't run today. I spent my "last day on Earth" helping Mama RNG's 2nd graders make corn husk dolls.
Not this fancy. 2nd graders don't do fancy.
They loved me and we all bonded over wet, slimy, corn silk-covered corn husks. It's ok to be jealous.

I have 2 parties to go to tonight, so that if the world does end, at least I'll be enjoying myself, which I think is the way it ought to be when you travel up to the heavens or whatever The Rapture is about (I inferred the flying up to the heavens part from the pictures I found. I have done zero research). The first is my friend Erin's 25th birthday party at this amazing Korean BBQ joint, called Oz. After that, I'm off to a pirates and wenches pub crawl hosted by my friend Cassie. I'm throwing together a costume, but I have a red velvet skirt, black boots, a white shirt, and a fake parrot. I think I'm golden. I might even black out a tooth, although I doubt Sharpie tastes very good. Or that my dentist would appreciate my dedication to the costume.

I hope everyone is having an amazing "last day on Earth"!


  1. Popular girl! I can't make it out to the party I was supposed to go to tonight (crutches + drunk people don't mix well) so please have way too much fun and then blog about it so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. Ah hope we don't die! Make sure to check out my giveaway on my blog this week!

  3. Those are creepy as heck! I don't believe in doomsday stories though! Although maybe we should take heed. I think we should all just live no matter what happens. If it happens, it happens

  4. Well, over here in Korea things are all good, so I think we're safe. LOL

  5. I heard we have till 6pm tonight, but I'm thinking the other side of the world is still here..:)

  6. LOL those pics are hilarious. On Saturday my hangover from the bar crawl was raptured. How heavenly :)