Thursday, May 5, 2011

Too Good to Be True

My first final starts tomorrow. Ugh. I'm so overwhelmed with all the material I have to know that my brain doesn't want to absorb any material. Really cool brain, really cool. Anyway, this is my warning that my posts will be few and far between...or that is the hope because that means I'm actually studying. But we all know that probably isn't going to happen!

I knew that life had been going too peachy keen jelly bean all up in my world lately. Something had to pop up to ruin the cloud 9 feeling I've been living with for a few weeks. Today was the day. My school has been stressing me and everyone else out lately, and although it's far too much to write on here, nor do I have the time to do that, suffice it to say that I'm ready to go bat-shit crazy on them! I'm trying to get into a Microbiology class and all the summer and fall classes are pretty much full and my enrollment date is May 12th. Freaking awesome. Not. If I had time to run, I totally would, but I can't because of studying so my stress is like into the stratosphere right now. That high :(
We do get to make ridiculous posters like this in class, though! Be jealous of my artistic abilities!
Also, I don't know if you guys watch the world news or anything, but it's flipping hot here in Cali! ZOMG I'm melting!
This is my car, after driving for 15 minutes after I left class today (yes, I was stopped at a signal). Ninety-seven degrees?! Holy Jeez! What's up Summer? How you doin'?

What's stressing you out like crazy? How do you cope? I'm close to banging my head into a wall, but a concussion doesn't sound like fun.


  1. I always stress... always. Even when my life is 100% good, the amount of good/excitement manifests itself the same way as negative stress. It sucks. lol.
    But making an effort, even for just 10 minutes a day, to do something that is completely 100% just for me usually helps. So either reading a book, taking a bath, walking, whatever. :)

  2. ummm wow! 97 degrees is serious. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINAL! when I am stressed I have to take a few deep breaths to calm down and then refocus on what is most important at that MOMENT :)

  3. I HOPE YOUR FINAL WENT WELL!! Hang in there!!

  4. LOL at your sign. Very cute

    Good luck with finals and getting your classes!

  5. Finals is like the last mile of a can see the finish line! Good luck!!

    And dang girl, that is h.o.t.