Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Glory, glory hallelujah! My dear ol' Betsy has returned from Apple and now I can blog away like the blogging fiend I was becoming/read all the blogs you guys have posted that I need to catch up on!

I'll try to cut down on the lengthiness of this post as much as possible, but there's a lot to cover, so prepare yourself for a novel :)

The night of my Kentucky Derby party, Betsy crashed on me, so I suppose we should start there.

In my Derby dress and hat
Me and Mama RNG
We made a ton of food for the party, including pasta salad, spinach salad, grilled chicken (no fried food for this party!), fruit salad, pecan pie, Derby pie, bourbon bread pudding, and baby Hot Browns.
Yummy pasta salad
So much fruit!
My pecan and Derby pies
The party was a success and I think everyone had a good time. We did a Derby trivia game and had everyone place bets on which horse would win (congrats Animal Kingdom!).
Sarah, me, and Cassie
The next day was Mother's Day and my mom and grandma wanted to go to a baseball game. Sacramento has a local AAA team called the Rivercats (apparently they're Maine Coon!). The forecast predicted rain, wind, and clouds. So we brought a bunch of blankets...
Mama RNG with 39472357 blankets
...only for it to end up being sunny and around 70*. No need for all those blankets now! It was a great day hanging out with the madre and the grandmadre. So much laughter and fun times. I love the women in my family :)
I also love the Rivercats' garlic fries. Edward Cullen better watch himself around me!
The whole next week was preparing for finals. I should have studied more. It would've been a good idea. But I did well enough on my finals and I easily passed every class (I'm expecting straight As!). During finals week, at just the perfect time, Stephanie at RUN ON! sent me a box of Jolly Rancher chews for participating in trying to get her up to 100 followers for her giveaway she did. It was so perfect because I need to munch when I study.
Thanks Stephanie!
I ate those suckers up in about 5 mins flat! I have zero self-control when it comes to snack foods. If you put a bowl of crackers, chips, cookies, candy, etc in front of me, I will eat the whole bowl. No will-power.
Sugar coma!
Finals came and on Friday, after my last one, I went out with my friend Erin for celebratory drinks at Lounge On 20 in downtown Sacramento. I had never been there before and it was quite a classy establishment. Sacramento is really trying to become a utopian mecca.
I love hanging out with this girl! Constant laughs :)
Our fancy girly drinks. Mine was a strawberry basil concoction and hers was a sparkling fruit wine thing.
I walked Erin back to her car after we were done because Sacramento isn't the greatest of places for young, pretty girls/women to be walking around alone after it's dark. A few parking spaces over from her car was this monstrosity:

I don't understand the need for the ghetto schoolbus. Why, oh why is this appropriate?!

So now that we're caught up with life, we can get back to running, which is the whole point of this blog, correct? There hasn't been anything of epic proportions to inform you guys about, except for my run on Monday. It was supposed to be a 5.3 miler, my long run of the week. I started out fine, but after 5 mins I could tell something was up with my left foot. My baby toe and the 4th toe were rubbing against each other and it didn't feel very good. I took my shoe and sock off to evaluate, but couldn't find anything inherently wrong, so I put both back on and continued on my run. The pain eventually went away and I didn't think anything of it again. I got home, cooled down, and stretched. When I looked at the bottom of my left sock, I saw this huge bloody stain! I ripped the sock off and discovered that my pinky toenail had dug a chunk out of my 4th toe and it was bleeding. Yuck!
Ignore the chipped polish!
I bandaged it all up and set to cutting my nails suuuuuper short, which I know was the problem that caused the bloodfest. All was well...until a few hours later, I randomly looked at the bottom of my right foot and found this beauty:
What the heck?! (High five for "Roman Holiday" on the TV!)
I apparently had gotten a huge blister on the bottom of my foot that managed to pop itself open during the run! What happened on my run?!?!

Neither of the boo-boos hurt at all, so I can go back to running like normal. But still, sooo weird!

Do you feel caught up now? I do! Whew! That was a long post and if you made it through all that, high fives for you!


  1. I was wonderin' where you went off to! Cute Derby hats :) Glad you're back to the blogging world.

  2. And I love hanging out with you! So much hilarity! By the by, your Derby outfit is beyond awesome! You look rather '20s-esque!

  3. I had about 3 blisters like that a few weeks ago... Didn't even know they were there until I randomly saw them one day. Which I guess is good... Rather randomly find them than have pain, lol.