Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mi Computadora Es No Mas

I am very sorry I have been away from the blogging world for a while. I haven't even had time to read all of your blogs, which makes me sad because I love stalking learning about your lives! So I thought I would be able to post and catch up this weekend...and then my computer crashed last night :( My poor, poor Betsy died on me for the SECOND time! That floozy!

I took her into the Apple Genius Bar this morning and found out that she had completely wiped out everything off her hard drive. Thanks, Betsy! If it wasn't for uploading all my pictures onto Facebook, I would be royally screwed. As for my 5,000 songs I have on iTunes...well, 99% of them are on my iPod and I'll just rip them off that and back onto Betsy once she's fixed. Yes, you are not supposed to be able to do that and it's prob super illegal, buuuut there are programs on teh intawebz that allow you do that. Life-freaking-saver!

The Geniuses told me that Betsy could get everything (I mean everything) fixed for only $280! So she gets a brand new hard drive, CD-ROM drive, backlight (she flickers all the time), and battery! Suh-weet! I loves me some Apple!

Anyway, the main point of my long-winded story is to let you guys know that I won't be able to post pictures up here until I get Betsy back in 3-5 days. Just bear with me until then, please! I also really shouldn't be posting much because I have 5 finals between Wednesday and Friday...shoot me now. This also means like zero running until then, unless I suffer from a massive emotional/stress breakdown due to my lack of running...then the streets will be pounded until sanity reinstates itself.

In case you were like, "How the heck is she posting if her computer is broken?" I would like to inform you that my mother's 10 year old computer is trucking away at all these pages, loading each one in the painfully slow time of 1-2 mins/page. I die.

Please let me know what I've missed in the blogging world in the comments, por favor! What's going on in your life right now that I should know all about? Tell me everything! :)


  1. I had a Macbook in college. It was chugging along, working without any known problems, la-la-la (it also sang like that). To graduate, I had to write this giant unholy thesis of doom, which ended up clocking in at almost forty pages. I finished it the day it was due, printed it out while filled with great accomplishment, went to turn it in, and then about an hour dead. FOREVER. It's like it just had a cardiac arrest.

    I've never felt so lucky in my life. Had it died only an hour before it did, I would have had to throw myself off a building.

    But the Mac people ARE fantastic--they somehow managed to rescue my hard drive from the deceased computer and uploaded it onto the new one.

    I am glad Betsy is becoming a bionic woman rather than slipping from this mortal coil. :)

  2. Oh noes! I'm sorry that your computer crashed.
    My laptop did something similar last year. It didn't wipe the hard drive itself, but the only way we could fix it was by replacing the hard drive, so I still lost stuff. Lame.

  3. That is so frustrating when computers fail on us! I'm just glad it won't be too expensive for you to fix! We had a computer problem a while ago and it was maddening! I just wanted all my stuff back to normal! Good luck with your busy week!